Voices Project

Voices Project
What do our past experiences of using ICT for teaching and learning tell us?

Michael Hammond, with  Sarah Younie, John Woollard, Vicky Cartwright and David Benzie

In April 2006 we submitted a proposal for a study into the experiences of teacher educators who have engaged with developing the use of ICT in school and teacher education. The aim was to give voice to the achievements and concerns of these teacher educators during the short history of ICT in school. In so doing we aimed to:

  • draw attention to initiatives which have been more successful than others and highlight the factors leading to their success
  • highlight particular difficulties associated with developing ICT
  • report on the factors which have provoked and sustained engagement with the development of ICT
  • examine the role of ITTE and other professional groups in supporting innovation with ICT
  • compare and contrast the present with the past ‘landscape’ regarding the use of ICT

You can now read the full Voices Project Report, or read individual chapters by following the links below. Please feel free to comment and provide feedback on the work.