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29th International Conference
4th July 2015, London

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Digital Futures:
Shaping tomorrow's learning and teaching

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At the beginning of 2014, Ministers from DfE and BIS set up the Education Technology Action Group ETAG, an independent group. The group was to advise on how digital technology might empower teachers and learners by enabling innovation across schools, further education and higher education students, employers and the wider economy.

ITTE responded to the ETAG consultation in May 2014. The ITTE response is here and the final ETAG Report was published  in early 2015.



IT in Teacher Education Research Fellowship Programme
Part of the ITTE knowledge mobilisation strategy

Phase 1: 2015-2016: Horizon scanning projects

The focus of Phase 1 is team-based approach to reviewing and synthesising existing research in order to (????). 

Phase 2: 2016-2017: Extension and replication projects (to include extensions of Phase 1 projects where appropriate).



Who may apply? ITTE members who are staff in Teaching Schools (Alliances, School Direct, Teach First, Strategic Partner etc.), Teacher Educators or  Researchers in Higher Education or any related teacher training provider.

ITTE.Fellowships worth up to £1000 are available to support Team Leaders to lead in teh review and synthesis of existing research on a topic of interest within the field of digital technologies in educational settings. Projects should support ITTE main aim which is  to enhance the use of digital technology in all phases education through effective teacher education and training.

Successful applicants will be supported by ITTE to recruit a team of interested people.

To Apply for a Fellowship please complete and application here: fellowship application form

Apply to Join a Team

If you are interested to join a Fellowship team please submit your details here.


For the period of the award, the Project Lead/s will be able to use the title ITTE Research Fellow in <the topic> and their team will be able to use the title ITTE Educational Researcher.

Publishing Panel

ITTE Conference 2015: Getting Published Panel





Each panel member will talk for approximately 5 minutes about their respective publication initiatives.

Make or Break: Lords Digital Skills Committee Report published.

Make or Break: The UK's Digital Future was published on 17th February 2015. In this report the House of Lords Select Committee on Digital Skills expresses considerable anxiety about the digital future of the UK:

"There is ... a real concern that the UK will be left behind in this new digital era; we are at a tipping point. Digital businesses can locate anywhere in the world, and if we fail to provide the right conditions for them to flourish in the UK, we will become a branch economy, much less prosperous and influential than we could be."

 - - - Download and read the papers here - - -

The committee was convened in June 2014 in order to consider information and communications technology, competitiveness and skills in the UK. A call for evidence was announced on 11 July 2014 with a deadline for written submissions on 5 September 2014. ITTE's contribution to the written evidence is included in the  Evidence Volume (see page 59).